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Registered Psychotherapist


Working online with clients, in Ontario 

“Sometimes we’re tested.  Not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths”



I believe that seeking help is a strength.

I am a trauma trained therapist who has worked with survivors of sexual violence and first responder populations.  I also work with individuals who struggle with anxiety, depression, PTSD, borderline personality disorder and dissociative disorders.  

My core philosophy is a supportive environment that fosters the development of trust, consistency and collaboration as part of the therapeutic relationship. I believe in compassion and warmth.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist with an online practice in Ontario.  I completed my Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology degree at Yorkville University; and I consistently update my training so that I may continue to provide high quality therapeutic services.

"The more clarity you have, the more powerful

your goals are"   Robert G. Allen

Individual Therapy
Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy:  Adults

Therapeutic Approaches

  • EMDR Therapy

  • Polyvagal Informed Therapy

  • Structural Dissociation Theory Informed

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

  • Narrative Therapy,

  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

  • Expressive Arts Therapy

What to Expect

I can help address challenges associated with...

  • I offer virtual/online therapy. 

  • Sessions are 60 minutes in duration.  Fees per session are $125.00 +HST and payable at the end of session.

  • Sliding Scale Fees Available 

  • Payments accepted include: Visa/Mastercard or Interact eTransfer

  • To find out if we might work well together, I invite you to contact me to schedule a free 25 minute consultation 

  • Anxiety, fear and panic

  • Trauma, PTSD

  • Childhood abuse - physical, sexual, psychological, and neglect

  • Sexual Assault

  • Depression

  • Dissociation

  • Intrusive thoughts, nightmares, and flashbacks

  • First Responder related Trauma(s)

Thank you for visiting my website.  You have a lot of choices, and I hope you take a moment to explore how I might be able to help you. I work with adults aged 16 and older, and older adults (65+).


Clinical Supervision


As a Registered Psychotherapist I also provide individual  and group supervision for psychotherapists who are seeking to enhance their skills and grow professionally.


I will help you refine your therapeutic ability and provide valuable experience and knowledge to support your growth.


With a focus on SEUS (Safe and Effective Use of Self), I will work closely with you to ensure that you have the skills you need to connect with your clients and help them achieve their goals.



  • Case Consultation

  • Case and Session review

  • Therapeutic Modality Education

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Ethical Guidelines

  • Documentation Supervision

  • Sign-off on Supervision Hours (as needed)


Individual Supervision:  $137.17 + HST ($155.00) - sessions are 1 hour

Dyadic Supervision:  $79.66 + HST ($90.00) pp - sessions are 1 hour - supervisee required to find own partner


Group Supervision:  $101.77 + HST ($115.00)  - sessions are 2 hours and limited to 6 individuals


Frequently Asked Questions

Are psychotherapy sessions covered by OHIP?

Therapy sessions are not covered by OHIP; however, many extended health insurance plans include coverage for psychological services.

What can I expect in my first session?

The first appointment is called an intake session.  It involves an assessment to understand your history and background, relationship dynamics and the stressors/challenges that have contributed to your needing support. Your therapist will also discuss your goals for therapy and work with you to develop a treatment plan to meet those goals. My aim is to provide you with a safe place to talk about your concerns.

Does health insurance cover psychotherapy?

Healthcare insurance plans differ considerably in terms of the type of coverage they provide. It is

important to check with your

particular insurance plan to see

what coverage they provide for psychological services. 

Do you prescribe medication?

No, I am not a medical doctor. Some clients find medication helpful, and some progress well in therapy without medication. If you want to be evaluated for psychiatric medication, either contact your primary care physician or a psychiatrist. If you are already taking medication, I can coordinate care with your doctor.




Vulnerability is not weakness; it's our most accurate measure of courage.

Brené Brown

Crisis Lines
For emergencies contact 9-1-1. 

If you are in crisis and need immediate support, click on one of the logos for assistance:








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